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Dunder Mifflin

So, my life has been crazy busy recently. My mom and step-dad came over for 10 days, which was really cool. We also went to Spain, which was lovely. I'm directing two one-act plays at the moment, they open in two weeks. That kind of takes up 85% of my time these days. I'll be so happy not to be doing anything down at the theatre for a while after this.

Work is going better- we got another bonus incentive so yay! JD is applying for another job within his company and I really hope he gets it. We need to save more £. Seeing Coraline tonight. The book was wicked so I'm hoping the film will be as good- there have been a lot of positive reviews- and oh yeah it's in 3D. We're also seeing Romeo & Juliet at the Globe tomorrow. I'm so busy right now im walking around like a freakin zombie! Lack of sleep....I'm reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) and it's really good and totally different to the vampire stuff. We've also gotten into the American version of The Office and have watched about 10 episodes already - it's hilarious- Steve Carrell is my hero.

I want a pop tart..............................

peace out

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