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I crave white on white and black...

The show was amazing!! Click here for photos taken by yours truly

I loved every minute of it :) it's so sad that it had to end but we'll be taking it to the Woking Drama Festival so it's not over quite yet. Meanwhile, Sunday was the next show auditions, which didn't go so well. There weren't enough actors present to cast the show. So we've had to move the One-Acts production into this time slot instead...which means I'm directing- again. Yes, back to back. The auditions are tomorrow night. I'm going to audition for one of the shows I'm not actually directing but I think that's it as I'll have my plate pretty full...

My parents come over in just two weeks time- wow! can't believe how fast time flew by. It's a lovely March spring afternoon- I'm sitting at my desk at work looking out the window and wishing I was at the park reading a good book...

Tonight I'm making sloppy joes for dinner and cuddling up on the couch...


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