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march madness

So here I am at work again, writing in my livejournal- it's been a while again. The play opens in 12 days, wow. I can't believe it! The cast is amazing and Twis and Kathy have been stars. I've been worrying about it constantly - as you do as a show nears opening. I just want to make sure everything is as good as it canbe! I'll post some pics if I can but only a few- I've got a account now- so check that out! I'm under Brittany Rex, search for me. I update it often.

The weather is quite cold again. It was warming up last week then we headed back into a cold snap. It's even snowing again in some places. This weekend I'm relaxing with JD, cleaning our apartment, the usual fun stuff... We've nearly beat Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 so we might try to finish that off.

London is still London- the bustling city that I seem not to notice as much anymore, which makes me sad. I want to rekindle my love for it by exploring more places and taking pictures! All I need in order to do this is more time... I'd love to photograph Camden properly and head down to Greenwich to the park in the Spring.

I've been listening to a lot of Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, White Stripes and as ever, keeps me sane.
My parents are coming over in four and a half weeks, eep! Will be good times. I miss my family, friends and Abby! (Moth, you need to call me!). We watched Cloverfield last weekend, which was good- I didn't get motion sickness but had to look away a few's worth a watch but not something I'd want to own.

We just renewed our contract on our flat so we're here for another year at least. I'm trying to save more money to move back home. It's kind of working. Anyway- just to let you all know we're ok and busy busy busy

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