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We've had an amazing week enjoying the sunshine. Summer in England is so different to Florida- it's not unbearably humid and you can actually breathe outside. It's breezy too. I love walking over Waterloo bridge on my way home from work- taking in the sights and sounds of the Southbank... it's awesome. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be living here. And yet, I also miss home. Strange?

Work is shmerk but a lot better now since I can stare at the sunshine out my window. I've also been enjoying my break from the theatre. Oddly enough, what do I do when I have a break working at the theatre? Go to watch theatre! Me & Twis saw Spring Awakening the musical on Saturday. It was amazing. Loved it loved it loved it. If it tours near you, go see it!! Not a lot else going on- we're going to my friend Kathy's this Saturday for a cookout, which should be fun.


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