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A quick four months

Sunday was a really hard day for me...four months since Dad died. Sometimes I just break down and fall to pieces. I'm doing better- and with my show opening this Wednesday it's really given me something to focus on. Yes, this Wednesday- IE tomorrow! Everyone has been so great, the cast have been absolutely superb- they are going to blow people away. I can't wait. Tonight we're going for Thai food as a cast and crew to celebrate and take a load off before tomorrow...

Other than that, my parents will be here in 25 days, work is still ok but not amazing, the weather is slightly warmer now, I have been taking lots more pictures, and JD and I have officially "been together" for nearly 5 years (on the 27th).

Life is good. It's weird when you step outside yourself and see that life is slowing moving by, each day is moving forward... I can't believe I never really noticed time moving before.
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